•      Providing a full range of managed IT services, products, and solutions.

    Providing a full range of managed IT services, products, and solutions.

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Access Your Desktop Anywhere

Get privileged access to cutting-edge windows PC virtualization with a plethora of options to manage your work, worry free in the office or on the road.


Securely Share and Collaborate

Take advantage of enterprise files shares, Sharepoint sites and our Atlassian software suite to work better in your department and across teams.


Agora Email on All Your Devices

Enjoy our comprehensive Microsoft Exchange Email and Calender suite at work and on the road with web-based and mobile & tablet apps.

  • Datacenters
  • Virtualization
  • Project & Content Management
  • Developer Resources

Agora IT builds, manages and maintains a collection of Balitmore campus and satellite datacenters ranging from Colorado to Florida, Australia and beyond!


Implementing the latest technologies by VMware to provide robust, efficient and cost-effective hosting solutions for servers and workstation virtualization with remote access.


Leveraging a library of Sharepoint services, Agora IT provide enterprise content management tools and tight integration with Office apps while ensuring your information security.


Utilizing the full Atlassian suite to provide the best and most cost-effective development, project management and collaboration tools. A diverse staff of multidisciplinary professionals delivers unparalleled expertise to match and exceed the requirements of a constantly shifting technology landscape.

  •      World-Class Services and Support

    World-Class Services and Support

    Agora Information Technology provides a comprehensive range of technical services and support for centralized departments and affiliates around the world.

  •      A Highly Trained Team

    A Highly Trained Team

    Comprised of innovative technicians, sysadmins and engineers, our team works diligently to provide services including Corporate Voice & Messaging, Enterprise Content Management, physical and virtual workstations and hands-on IT support.

  •      Maximum Security and Up-Time

    Maximum Security and Up-Time

    To ensure maximum up-time for your business, our team provides 24x7 monitoring, comprehensive PCI-standard security and robust server and application hosting, leveraging High-Availability and off-site Disaster Recovery solutions.

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About IT

Providing a full range of IT services and support to our centralized departments and affiliates, including:

  • Intelligent volume-email distribution
  • Physical and Virtual Server Hosting
  • Desktop Virtualization (VDI)
  • Datacenter setup and maintentance
  • World-wide network support
  • Corporate email and VoIP services
  • And more!


A world class, highly trained team, leading and protecting as technology evolves.

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